SARD anti-cheat safeguards gamers’ happiness by keeping cheaters away!

SARD Anti-Cheat
4 min readSep 7, 2022


Video games are the favorite form of entertainment for an impressive number of 3 billion people worldwide. Thousands of adults find a temporary escape in the “alternative realities” of video games to wash away the chores of daily life… And not in vain: numerous studies come to prove that moderate engagement in video games can have notable psychological benefits for the players due to the provision of a safe environment for experimenting, failing, and competing resulting in healthy brain stimulation, stress relief, and enhancement of players problem-solving skills.

Now imagine players who enter into a multiplayer game for having fun and witness their opponent cheating… Sounds Frustrating!? Yes, but the truth is some players(luckily-they are a minority) constantly seek and implements tricks to gain an unfair advantage edge in any competition. And the actual problem lies in the fact that when facing a cheater, 2 out of every 3 players, chooses to leave the game or substitute it. So it turns out, that this minority of unfair players has a major impact on the maintenance of a healthy gaming environment and often “with a snap of fingers” can demolish the hard work that gaming publishers and their development teams had input to provide a maximum enjoyable experience for their players.

In this background, keeping cheaters away and maintaining the fair competitive air in place becomes a top priority issue for gaming publishers.

To address this issue and ensure an all-in platform for worldwide gaming companies, the dedicated team of SARD anti-cheat has generated a unique solution to relieve the pain of gaming companies and dedicated gamers hence keeping the enjoyment alive!

Below you can find the top 5 peculiarities of SARD anti-cheat that highlight why it is a smart choice to be considered by both big and small gaming publishers.

  • SARD is a future-forward solution.

SARD anti-cheat combines the benefits of kernel-based systems with machine learning models establishing a future-forward solution that can comprehensively protect the gaming environment of a given platform. Usually, kernel-based systems detect illicit behavior by identifying malware and hacks directly on the cheater’s computer. Based on this data, the unfair players are banned from the virtual environment immediately. What SARD offers includes, but is not limited to this method. Due to the integration of the machine learning model, SARD goes beyond it. Empowered to distinguish between human and bot behavior, SARD detects all anomalies and deviations, and reports these cases to overwatch thus upscaling the protection range.

  • Smooth and seamless integration.

The integration of an anti-cheat system may sometimes take ages! Not in the case of SARD!

When developing the platform, the engaged team has taken all measures to generate an end-product that is easy to use for anyone regardless of their technical knowledge.

In spite of that, SARD anti-cheat has a comprehensive support team ready to tackle all the issues that could occur when integrating the system just to keep the clients away from any possible problems.

  • Special benefits for the small publishers.

The vision of SARD is to create a happy gaming environment for all honest gamers and protect the time and efforts of the publishers. Acknowledging that many small publishers may be unable to pay for anti-cheat systems, SARD offers free-of-charge services for all games that have less than 200 concurrent players. This privilege is designed to support the small and promising development teams who are just entering the market granting them the chance to delight their customers.

Meanwhile, all the larger publishers are welcome to benefit from SARD’s 3-month free trial to have enough time to implement in-depth testing and measurement.

  • Abundant backup of an experienced team.

SARD is powered by a knowledgeable team that has been operating in the industry for over 12 years, protecting dozens of MMO games in operating different sets of the world.

SARD’s greatest asset is its team of professionals who are bound by the same problem-solving approach to their mission of shaping the future of fair gaming where toxic programs, hackers, and cheaters have no space

  • Easy and manageable administration system.

The integration process of SARD anti-cheat is free of extra complications, while the easy-to-use admin panel accumulates the whole data in one place making it fully manageable. The accumulated holistic data can be easily customized by clients with zero code interaction. It is noteworthy, that SARD makes it possible to simultaneously operate the system in multiple gaming environments granting the opportunity for testing variations of the game in play for the purpose of developing new configurations on the development mode.



SARD Anti-Cheat

SARD is a game anti-cheat solution provider, that protects game environments from toxic programs, hackers and cheaters, through easy integration and extensive s